My Spring Wish List

Its the beginning of March, and I’m dying for spring to come. Its been a long winter here in Buffalo. Yesterday it was 6 degrees…. that’s too cold for me! So I’m very excited to update my spring wardrobe and try all the new warm weather pieces I’ve been waiting to wear. Here’s my wish list/shopping list for spring 2014!


I’ve seen people wearing pick skinnies more and more lately, and I think my favorites have been the pale/pastel pinks. They’ve versatile, and I’ve seen them worn with everything from girly polka dot peplums to denim shirts to rocker tees and spike jewelry. You can dress them up with a fancy blouse or wear them casually with a comfy sweater or V-neck. Everything works with them, so much so that they could be the cousin of your favorite blue jeans. I believe this particular pair is from Forever 21.


Another pair of jeans that I want: mint skinnies. They just look fresh and very spring-y. I love the polka dots they used in this picture, and I think these jeans would look great with flats with a fun design. Additionally, I could bring these into my winter wardrobe as well. Wearing them with brown boots, a white top, and silver jewelry would look great!


My dark wash jean shirt is one of my favorite layering pieces in my closet. I love it because you can wear it anytime, any place. I enjoy using it like a cardigan and putting it over other shirts to add variety to my outfit. Also, you can wear it just by itself, which lets you show off any fun jeans, shoes, or hairstyle you might be wearing while not taking attention away from it and still looking chic and polished. Lastly, I’ve seen others wear them under sweaters so just the collar shows. This works best with a crew neck sweater, because the shirt is just meant to give the sweater extra wow factor. I usually roll the sleeves up to just past my elbows, so it looks and feels a bit more comfortable and casual, but it also looks pretty when you don’t roll it. I love love love my jean shirt, but its a little too dark for some of my spring outfits. So this season I’m looking to buy a light-wash version.


The thing I really don’t like about winter is that you don’t get to wear these bad boys. Flats. They have to be the most versatile, yet comfortable and cute shoe in existence. In my book, the only shoe that can rival them is a good, broken-in pair of converse. Flats offer everything your favorite pair of converse can, and they add a bit more girly-ness to your outfit. This year, I’m looking to pick up a pair of neutral flats, so either black, brown, cream, or a dark blue (probably the blue), and a pair of fun animal print flats. I love wearing these with skinny jeans because it makes them more feminine looking, especially if you’re wearing a bold color. I’ll also wear them with dresses to give my feet a break from heels. Another great perk with flats is that they’re generally small, so they fit really well in a suitcase, purse or backpack. I like to keep one good, broken-in pair in my backpack and in my purse in case of any malfunctions or soreness that occurs with my actual shoes. Is there anything these shoes cant do?


Pencils skirts are awesome. They look very polished with practically any outfit. I love this one because the black-and-white color scheme gives you more wiggle room when it comes to what you can wear with it, and the tribal pattern gives the skirt more of a fun side. This skirt is from Head Over Heels (website:, which is one of my favorite stores for any clothing.


Another style of skirt I’ve fallen in love with is the long chiffon skirt. I adore the way it moves when you walk, it just flows along and looks really pretty. This style of skirt is more comfortable and casual than the pencil skirt, but it still looks very nice. They’re easy to wear because you can use practically any shirt with them. I like how it looks when people tuck the shirt into the skirt, and wear the skirt on their natural waist instead of their hips. I cant wait to get one of these skirts for myself.


Okay, so I’ve been looking for a new bag for a while now. I want one that is large enough for me to thrown a sketchbook in as well as my emergency flats, phone, wallet, and everything else I need, but one that is still cute and doesn’t look like a diaper bag. This bag fits all my requirements. Its large, has the satchel design that makes it comfortable to carry, and looks very vintage-y and cute. I love it.

I cant wait for spring, wearing all these new clothes is going to be so exciting! What’s on your spring wish list? I’d love to hear!